Microsoft Word

Suppressing Blank Lines in Address

Microsoft Word – Suppressing Blank Address Lines


On your Word document, put your cursor where you’re inserting your first field. Then go to the MAILINGS tab and click “Insert Field”. To Toggle back and forth to see this formula, highlight all of the section you want to see (it’s ok if you highlight more) then right-click and choose “Toggle”. Sometimes as you’re inserting fields, it’ll automatically toggle so you don’t see your mergefields anymore so you’ll have to highlight and toggle again to see it.
As you see, there are extra brackets in the formula below. To add brackets, click Ctrl F9. This will insert the brackets. JoinName, ClientAddress1, ClientAddress2, ClientCity, and so on, will need to be changed to whatever field names you have chosen for your field names.

(Note: JoinName is a field I created in Access that combines names accurately even if the spouse has a different last name. See other blog post for instructions).

Supress Blank Lines


By Rana Kory

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