Microsoft Access

How to Add a HotKey to Combo Box Drop-Down


This feature is used in a Microsoft Access form. You will create a hotkey, such as Alt+D, and no matter what field on the form you are in, it will drop-down the combo you set this up on so you can do a quick search/selection.

  1. Open the form you have created the combo box and go into “Design View”
  2. Place a new command button anywhere on your form. Don’t worry about the size (just make it small). Cancel out of the wizard that pops up.
  3. Go to Properties (click on button in the Ribbon at the top). Click on the “Format” tab and not far down, set “Transparency” to Yes.
  4. Change the “Name” of the command button to “CBODropDown”.
  5. Make it’s “Caption” something like “&DropDown Combobox” (“&” is required; whatever letter is after the & sign is going to be the Alt+ “ “ letter. In this example it is Alt+D. NOW IS THE TIME YOU CHOOSE WHAT LETTER YOU WANT TO GO WITH ALT. IF YOU WANT IT TO BE Q, NAME IT &Q, etc.
  6. Now, right-click anywhere on the form and click “Build Event”. Then choose “Code Builder”.  When the window opens, type:

(Remember you will want to double-check “YourComboBoxName” to make sure you know what it was named before you go in to write the below code).

Private Sub CBODropDown_Click()



Now the key combination Alt+ “ “ will dropdown the combobox

By Rana Kory

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