Chrome · SharePoint Foundation 2010

Editing Forms in SharePoint Foundation 2010 using Chrome

Since this is such an old version of SharePoint, there’s probably not a lot of people out there having this problem. But for those out there that do, here’s the problem, and solution. You’re using SharePoint and you’re also using Chrome. Chrome doesn’t like SharePoint because SharePoint is a Microsoft product and Chrome, well, it’s Google. So when you have a form on SharePoint and you’re trying to edit it in Chrome, you bring it up and it just brings up a version. You edit it, but it doesn’t save it. That’s because it’s just saving a version of it. So what you’re trying to do is save the original. One solution is to download the IE Extension for Chrome.

Do a search for IE Extension for Chrome. Add it as an extension. Once installed, click the options. Copy the URL(s) of the SharePoint page(s) where your form(s) is/are located. Under the “Auto URL” section of the options (of the IE Extension), paste the URL(s) and click “Add”. Now when you open a form, it will give you the option to “Edit” the form.


By Rana Kory

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