Microsoft Excel

Inserting Rows & Columns In Protected Worksheet (Excel)

In order to allow for inserting columns and/or rows in a protected worksheet you start by knowing how to lock and unlock fields. To lock/unlock a cell, right-click a cell and choose “Format Cells”. Go to the “Protection” tab. To lock the field so that the end-user cannot enter data into that cell, make sure the box next to “Locked” is checked. To unlock the cell so that the end-user can enter data into the field, uncheck the box next to “Locked”. If you want to lock down an image, such as a logo, lock the cells behind the image.

Now that you have locked/unlocked all of the cells, go to the Home tab. Under the “Cells” section of the ribbon, choose the “Format” drop-down and select “Protect Sheet”. Make sure the “Select unlocked cells”, “Insert columns”, “Insert rows”, “Delete columns”, Delete rows” (if applicable) are all selected. Also make sure the “Protect worksheet and contents of locked cells” is checked right under the password. Enter a password and click OK.

By Rana Kory

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